“A Slip to Die For”–intelligent wit

Maltese, William. “A Slip to Die For”, Prowler Books, 1999,

Intelligent Wit

Amos Lassen

How often do you pick up a book and have three murders in two pages (and the first three pages at that)? Even more so how often are both murdered men wearing expensive silk slips. If there is any doubt in your mind that you are reading a gay book then you should erase it now. This book is very gay.

Now that we have the murders, we have to figure how they happened but in order to do that you have to read “A Slip to Die For” by William Maltese. In case you are unfamiliar with the author, let me tell you that he is prolific with roughly 150 books to his credit (and I am struggling writing one). Maltese loves to write and he does it well.

The idea for this book is intriguing. It has to do with silkworms being fed a special diet which in turn allows them to produce special gossamer. Enough said—I don’t want to ruin it for you, Stud Draqual finds himself in the middle of a series of murders. His two colleagues, Gerald Kamey and Don DeZinn have been found murdered when they were both dressed in very expensive silk nightgowns. Stud is a suspect and has to save himself by whatever it takes. Opposite him is Stan Greenlyne, a former porn publisher whose connection to the dead men is unclear. What is Stan’s position? Then there is Clem Rollins a crime syndicate boss and a very nasty person and who is afraid that he will be outed n a new book that the dead men have written. And there is Inspector O’Malley who has constantly threatens  Stud but perhaps he is a friend.

Now Stud is straight but everyone thinks he s gay mainly because of his profession—CEO of Draqual Fashions which makes female lingerie and we know that this is not a business for straight men. He also happens to be exceptionally good looking and we all know that straight men can’t hold a candle to gay men in the looks department.

What fun this book is to read!!! The gay detective genre is picking up these days but this book was written 8 years ago and it is still a great read today.

The book is extremely erotic and has a plot that spans couture underwear to the Mafia to New York gay life and it is an easy, quick and enjoyable read. Maltese’s writing style is amazing and is full of surprises.

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