Finding Yourself by “FINDING NORTH”

Finding Yourself while “FINDING NORTH”

Amos Lassen

Several years ago a great little comedy was making the rounds. “Finding North” has just been re-released on DVD and is currently being show on Here! TV. I just began to realize what a wonderful movie it is.

A talented cast and sharp script make “Finding North” great entertainment. Rhonda (Wendy Makkena) is in a cab when she sees a naked man about to jump off of Brooklyn Bridge. She tries to help but when she reaches the spot she only finds an empty shoe and takes it with her and continues her life. She lives with her parents; (her father has not uttered a sound in years) and a mother who has no concept of personal boundaries. She hates her job at the bank and has dreams of finding true love and a reason to live.

Enter Travis, a dejected actor who has just lost his lover and his job and who feels he has no reason to be alive. He runs into Rhonda when he goes to the bank to make a withdrawal (of all of his money).

Rhonda mistakenly takes him for the stripper who performed at the birthday party she gave herself and asks Travis to drop his pants. It becomes clear that he is not the same person and after apologizing over and over, follows him home. She then realizes that he was the man on the bridge (when she finds the other shoe in his closet). She, however, is unaware that he is gay.

Travis receives a video tape which was sent by his late boyfriend which sends him on a scavenger hunt to a small town in Texas where his boyfriend had been raised. Rhonda, thinking that Travis may be a good catch goes with him and the trip becomes a voyage of self discovery for both of them. Through their experiences, they each find a new way to look at themselves and each other and begin to make changes that will put their lives in order. The destination is not what is important but the way to the end is what matters, Actual accomplishments are secondary—what really matters is the emotional growth and self realization are what provide satisfaction. What starts as a comedy turns into a drama filled with human feeling and wonderful acting. Even though this is a low budget film and the photography could have been better, the wonderful characterization makes up for whatever faults there may be.  It s a buddy type movie with a road trip theme. It is wonderful to see someone who has been pushed to the edge by circumstances come back and begin to revel in life. It is a weeper, but the cry you have is a wonderful outlet to get rid of some feelings that you have stored. We find two people who have nothing in common become close friends and watch hw mutual understanding and compassion develop. This is not just a film but an experience and has a great deal to teach.

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