Amos Lassen

First Run Films is about to release “Female Misbehavior” on December 19 and I am letting you know that this is one DVD that is a must have. The German director, Monika Treut, has been a leader in Lesbian filmmaking by making controversial films and she has labored to dispel existing notions and tearing down stereotypes. In this new compilation DVD, she does not disappoint. She “explores the outer limits” of lesbian behavior and sexuality as each film focuses on a woman who in some way challenges the status quo. She thereby either provokes shock and rage or gains respect –all depending on the viewer’s personal opinions and frame of mind. Treut has been called naughty, provocative, outrageous and fascinating and her films have become embraced by the GLBT community due to their honesty. She is sexual and political and totally engrossing. Let’s take a brief look at each of the five films on the DVD.

“Annie” focuses on Annie Sprinkle a well-known German porn star, performance artist and a literal authority on all things sexual, Let me say that this is quite a bold short film and when we take a look inside of Annie, we really do.

The gay icon Camille Paglia is at the center of the second short as Treut confronts her on issues that matter to our community. Dr. “Paglia” a fascinating look at a fascinating woman.

Into S and M? Even if you aren’t, “Bondage” will keep you viewing as an S and M practitioner discusses the use of pain and pleasure.

“Max” is about a female to male transsexual and the journey he/she makes in order to live in society as an equal.

Finally there is “Didn’t I Do I It for Love”, a study of the famous dominatrix, Eva Norvind. She was, before her death, a sex therapist during the 1980s. This is almost a full length film and I found it to be absolutely amazing with something to teach everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Each and every short is a gem and this is a high quality DVD which has something for everyone. It is not for the squeamish, however. There is a great deal of boldness here. Treut explores sexuality, not just lesbian sexuality and this is not a film for just women but for all of us. It should be required viewing for our community as it answers so many questions and provides great insight.

The DVD features also have a great deal of information including an introduction by the director and an interview with her as well as a biography and photo gallery.

I know that I am the kind of reviewer that usually only give reviews but let me state emphatically that this is a wonderful film that deserves to be seen. When you do see it, you will understand why I say that.

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