“FAT GIRLS”–funny and original

“Fat Girls”

Funny and Original

Amos Lassen

“Fat Girls” (Here TV!) is off-beat, original and very funny. It is the story of Rodney Miller, a male high school student who is not your typical student. He loves the theater and he dreams of being a Broadway star—also not typical of a kid in Texas. No one seems to understand Rodney and he finally finds what he is seeking in his high school drama teacher, Mr. Cox.

What makes this movie so good is the dialogue—it is perfect and the actors are surprisingly good. Ash Christian stars as Rodney in addition to having written the screenplay and directed the movie. This very easily could have been one of those movies that you feel you had seen before but it is surprisingly new. The stereotypes have been eschewed and the character and wit of Rodney are the focus.

Here is a character study about growing up gay in a small town. There is pain and humor and the humor is the key—it is magnified but not to the point of the ridiculous.

Let me be clear about the title—it is misleading. There is one fat girl in the movie (Ashley Fink and she is great) but the term “fat girls” refers to the gay students and teacher in Rodney’s school.

Even thought the movie is somewhat episodic and uneven, it is very funny. Ash Christian brings heart to the film and he is wonderful, It is also refreshing, for a change, to see a gay movie that is not filled with muscled, handsome hunks but with ordinary looking people (Christian, with his charm grows on you as you watch him). Jonathan Caouette, who made and starred in the wonderful documentary “Tarnation”, is Mr. Cox who is an adult “fat girl” and Rodney’s kindred spirit. Rodney’s mom (Deborah Theaker) has wonderful one-liners and manages to steal every scene she is in.

This is a high caliber independent film and one not to be missed. Interestingly shot and well acted with a literate script. It is just a fun film.

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