“Eli Parker is Getting Married?”

Pure Fun

Amos Lassen

I just received a movie from Mark Jones and am anxious to write about it. In Little Rock we know Mark from his visit to screen his newest movie “Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island” for Cinema Pride. After we watched that movie and we talked about it, Mark told us that he had written another movie a couple of years before and said he would send it. It came today and it is great fun. “Eli Parker is Getting Married?” is a one of a kind enjoyment. The premise is simple but the fun is watching it play out.

Eli Parker wakes up naked in a cotton field, handcuffed to the guy who is to be the best man at his wedding (who also happens to be naked). Eli thinks it is a stunt and that his friends are getting revenge on him for all of the wedding pranks he has pulled in the past. We know that this is not the case. They have been sidetracked by two criminals bent on escape who need clothes to pull of their aim and hence Eli and his friend are naked. To make matters worst, this all happens on Eli’s wedding day. Since the two naked men can’t do much more than talk, the conversation goes in many directions until the best man announces that he is the “best gay man” and things get moving  very fast.

The movie is filled with stereotypes, inane dialog and over the top acting but even with that it is just pure fun to watch.

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