“EATING OUT”–the original

“Eating Out”

The Original

Amos Lassen

Now that “Sloppy Seconds: Eating Out II” and “Eating Out III” All You Can Eat” are out, I thought it would be a good idea to go back and look at the movie that brought about the sequels (and there are more yet to come.

“Eating Out” (Ariztical Entertainment) is cheesy but very funny and enjoyable. It is upbeat and had me laughing and that is good. The dialog is smart; the film is well cast and well acted.

Caleb is not a happy man. He constantly strikes out with girls so he decides to take a tip from his gay roommate and pretends to be gay because, as we all know, don’t we, that girls love gay men. After all, it is easier for a gay man to score with a woman than a straight man. When Caleb is suddenly outed, he becomes the object of a sex hunt by gay men and fag hags (I hate that term but it fits). What follows is ridiculous situation after ridiculous situation. Ultimately Caleb is outed to his parents at a diner party but as the whole thing begins to overwhelm, there is resolution and a happy ending.

The two leads are very good looking and hot men but the reviews for this film have not been kind. Maybe a light, fluffy movie is not to be considered worthy of a good review. It reminded me a bit of the teen comedies of the 60’s and 70’s (yes I can remember them) but with a gay twist—boy-wants-girl-who-wants-boy-who-wants boy.

There is a phone sex scene that has received a lot of hyped and indeed does make the audience squirm. Even though it is a bit long, it is very sexy.” Eating Out” is one of those films that look good with young hunky actors who look good on camera and give decent performances. The film takes place basically indoors so there is not a lot of external photography.

I suppose if I have to pick fault with the film. It is with some of the inane dialog. There is a lot of slang used and it is annoying and with coming out of some of the mouths of the good looking characters, it makes the cast look a bit superficial. There are also some really bad jokes and one-liners, one about HIV that is somewhat appalling.

With that said, I, by and large, enjoyed the film but I will add that I do think it could have been much, much better.

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