“NAKED BOYS SINGING”–liberation through song and body


“Naked Boys Singing!”

Liberation through Song and Body

Amos Lassen

I just finished watching “Naked Boys Singing!”  for the I have no idea how many times, and I feel good all over. It is that kind of movie that just makes you feel “warm and fuzzy” and gives you a life (and sometimes a rise). The movie is based on the long-running Off-Broadway musical comedy which features 17 original songs, all of which celebrate the liberation and splendor of male nudity. The stage play on which the movie is based has been an international hit, having played in more than 40 cities and six languages all over the world and is now in its seventh year in New York. It is now on the screen with a multi-ethnic cast and full frontal all the way.

Most of us find it hard to imagine ten good-looking men who are all intelligent, creative and completely naked in our living room or on the theater screen entertaining us. That’s what “Naked Boys Singing!”—a wonderful filmed version of the New York show. It entertains and is mesmerizing. It is Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Chanukah and Memorial Day all rolled into one. Composed of original songs, you will be humming them for some time to come. The show begins with the opening number “Gratuitous Nudity” in which the entire cast comes on stage buck naked and permits us a close up view of the groceries. When you first realize what you are seeing, you are somewhat taken aback but it is all so non-sexual that you just sit back and enjoy the view.

The show then moves along to the next number, “The Naked Maid” which is about one guy who spends his time cleaning houses naked for rich gay men—great job id you got the equipment. “The Bliss of a Brisk” was a highlight for me as it celebrates a circumcision ceremony as the family which has gathered admires the penis of the young man who is about to feel the knife.

“Window to Window” shows two men doing a striptease for each other from opposite sides of the street and the show keeps getting wilder. The songs and the men are SEXY and the nudity is not for shock value but as an integral part of the plot. The cast is ultra-talented; they sing, they dance, and they are very, very NAKED.

What a great way to spend a lazy afternoon or as a way to get a party started. “Naked Boys Singing” is a feast for the eyes and the ears and the guys rock.

I can’t remember when I have had this much fun. In fact, I am going to stop writing and sit down and watch it again. By the way, I am not a dirty old man—I just like good music (and big…………..harmonies.

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