“DEAD BOYZ DON’T CRY”–campy horror

“Dead Boyz Don’t Cry

Campy Horror

Amos Lassen

“Dead Boyz Don’t Cry” is one of those film you love and hate at the same time. It is a parody of horror films and has gorgeous men “to die for”. It is campy and silly and so much fun. There is lots of nudity and politically incorrect violence and even gun-toting lesbians.

The plot is simple—some top male models are on a photo shoot with a western theme. They carry fake guns and wear cowboy hats and not much else but suddenly they begin turning up dead and…naked. It is not clear who would want to kill these gorgeous men with flawless skin and muscles that have muscles. Just because they have outward beauty and empty minds is no reason for them to die.

Coming to solve the mystery is Tess Oster, fearless and brave and her sidekick girlfriend, Belle Van Dyke who feel they must stop the murders or there will be no models left. And here is where the movie falls apart. The script is awful with lots of silliness and camp (and many good laughs) but the men are delectable. Here is the shaded side of male modeling. Not to be taken seriously, the movie is just inane fun with lots of eye candy.

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