“UNCUT”–not a lot to say


Not a Lot to Say

Amos Lassen

I had been warned that I would be bored to death by the film “Uncut” (Strand Releasing) but I actually found it very interesting. It can be interesting spending over an hour looking at a man’s uncut penis and that is what you get in “Uncut”. Short on plot, short on action, long in penis size, this is quite an interesting novelty film.

Recuperating from a bad fall as the result of a tryst gone awry, we focus on a man laying in bed with a fractured hip and his leg in a brace. Since he can’t get around, he opens his address book and tries to persuade the women he has known to come over and have sex with him. Doctors mounted a camera on the foot of his bed so they can monitor him and it is focused on his groin area. His face is hidden from us and the only part of him that we se is his pelvic area.

What ensues is a comedy and a funny one at that as we become acquainted better and better with the man’s uncut penis. He does tricks with it, he pampers it, and he plays with it. His tricks come in and they play with it. And that is basically what this movie is about.

Everything is fine in the movie but it does get tiring. It would probably get even more tiring if that was no dialog. But the dialog is clever, the situation a hoot. And I bet the guy’s penis is longer than this review.

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