“The Literary Six”–a good and scary story

Liaguno, Victor. “The Literary Six”, Outskirts Press, 2006.

A Good and Scary Story

Amos Lassen

Six college students plan revenge their professor who has made their academic lives very difficult. What started as a joke becomes quite the opposite some twenty years hence. The six students call themselves “The Literary Six” because they al are creatively endowed but when their professor turns on his own because of some explicit photographs, things get very tense. From the very first sentence, this book engulfs the reader and does not stop—even when the covers are closed on the last sentence. One of the opening paragraphs sets the lurid scene for the complex characters with unstable relationships. As personal lives become messed up, the psychological theme deepens.

At a class reunion, members of the prestigious writing club do not realize that someone else has joined them and that someone is seeking some kind of retribution. As the multi-layered characters begin to unfold and the plot starts to tumble to complications not expected

Using simple language and imagery of dark versus light, some very mysterious things begin to happen and some of that includes death. The death scenes are described in great detail.

It is very easy to see the author’s affinity for horror and the book seems to me to be homage to the genre. The book is unbelievably scary but it also presents some universal truths when it deals with issues like youthful angst, shattered love, grudges and the need for revenge.

The quality of the writing is superior and the characterization is vivid and memorable. The author’s voice is unique and quite new and I think that he will be writing many more books. Liaguno handles suspense like an old master—beautifully and with great style. With the line of “The past is never the past”, we spiral into the world of horror which will not easily be forgotten. I still shiver with fear when I think about the book and it is not often that something like can happen simply by reading words on a page. “The Literary Six” is quite an accomplishment and I, myself, can only hope that the author is not a one book wonder but that he has much more in store for us. This is quite an auspicious foray into the field of literature and here is one book that I not only enjoyed but I relished it.

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