“CUT SLEEVE BOYS”–not your regular egg roll


Not Your Regular Egg Roll

Amos Lassen

“Cut Sleeve Boys” (Regent Releasing) which is hysterically funny. It depicts Asian culture in metropolitan London. If you know something about the gay scene in London you have an advantage as understanding the movie will be much more fun for you.

Two gay men of Chinese ancestry are looking for love. One is very wealthy and has a great sense of style and is good looking but insecure. The order is a parody of everything camp.

The goal of the film is to entertain—nothing more. It breaks down the stereotypical picture many of us have about Chinese men and it empowers them by showing them as stylish, wise, handsome and powerful.]

Even with this portrayal, the movie uses other stereotypes and they are used for comedy alone. The movie will have you laughing non-stop. As it examines the nature of gay relationships in a very subtle way, it pokes fun at the way we live as gay men. And the movie twists and turns, we go on a joy ride of laughs. The final scene will have you holding your sides. It also asks you the question of how people can fall victim to vanity and not pay attention to friendship.

There is plenty of eye candy as the men are especially good looking and so you don’t think that there is no value to this comedy, it will give you food for thought. There is one very hot scene of a three way kiss that you really do not want to miss.

Everything about the film is good, the actors, the direction, the sets. The plot is highly interesting and did I say it is funny?

To me the most important thing the movie does (aside from making us laugh) is to portray Asian men differently than has ever been done before.

I do not want to give too much if the film away so I will stop here and just say to you to try to see it. .

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