“CREATURES FROM THE PINK LAGOON”–high camp and lots of laughs


High Camp and Lots of Laughs

Amos Lassen

For those of you who thought that “Another Gay Movie” was the funniest movie you have ever seen as well as the most ridiculous, I have news for you. “Creatures from the Pink Lagoon” (Chris Diani, as of yet unreleased but watch for it) is more ridiculous and funnier if that is possible.

The creatures in the title are zombies—but they are man-loving, man eating zombies and they are wild. Phillip, a stereotypical effeminate gay boy is celebrating his birthday with a group of friends at a cottage on the beach. His friends run the gamut of gay men. There is the macho hunk, Stan, the overly impulsive Billy, the nerd—Joseph, Gary, the boy-toy and the bitter acid-tongued queen, Randall. If you sense disaster, you are right on the button. With a group like this, who could expect a peaceful atmosphere? The insults fly, the cruisy looks are exchanged and all hell breaks loose. Billy is after Gary, Phillip and Joseph exchange lustful looks (even though Phillip’s heart belongs to his butch boyfriend, Bobby.  Stan cares about the cleanliness of his house and not much else and Bobby, who made excuses to not come to the party is cruising the highway rest area.

While the party gets going a group of flesh-eating zombies gather and head for the party. Now surely you want to know where these zombies came from. It seems while having indiscriminant sex at a rest area, they were bitten by toxic mosquitoes thus turning them into monsters. As they head for the party, they devour every man along the way.

This has to be one of the wildest movies ever made and the most fun I have had in a very long time. Here is a mixtures of melodrama and the madness of the old B movies—it is just so unbelievable that it ix hysterical (and historical, I might add). The dialogue is amazingly quotable with quick lines; the characters are a laugh a minute. I see a new cult movie coming our way which holds back on nothing and in which nothing is sacred. It is Ed Wood meets “Tea and Sympathy”.

Just the idea that a monster mosquito can turn a man into a zombie or that outdoor rest area cruising will leave you open for the bite are such ridiculous ideas that they are so unbelievable that they become satirical.

So now you want to know what happens. To tell you would be to spoil the fun. But these are the questions you are faced with. Will anyone find love before the zombies eat them? Will the zombies mess up Stan’s immaculate house? Has Bobby eluded the zombies or is he one of them?

Will the sexual habits of the arty guests bring about their ends or will they escape the zombie onslaught. Now these are deep questions, I realize but this is what you should keep in mind as you watch the film (and laugh yourself silly).

“Creatures from the Pink Lagoon” has been on the festival circuit and I really want to get it here for Cinema Pride or our film festival. It has been gathering incredible reviews. It is so tongue-in-cheek that it is absolutely wonderful and as campy as it is, it is also very “self-depreciating” (but who needs self anyway?). It is both a parody of really trashy horror flicks and some of the standardized gay-formula movies. I found the youthful enthusiasm of the cast to be contagious and even while it ridicules gay life; it has a lot to say about the way we live. I keep asking myself why I am still typing when I could be laughing myself into oblivion while watching it again so…………………………….

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