“CRAZY RICHARD”–comeback of a child star?

“Crazy Richard”

A Comeback of a Child Star?

Amos Lassen

If you enjoy roller coasters you will unquestionably enjoy “Crazy Richard” (CultureQConnection, Ariztical). It is fascinating in its use of interesting techniques. The story is of a documentary filmmaker who is making a movie about Richard who was supposedly a child star in the 80s. Richard decides to come out as gay because he feels no one cares about him any longer. But everything goes deadly wrong.

The movie is a comedy but I found it to be more of a drama with comedic moments. It is not hard to find comedy in traumatic situations.

Whether or not the movie is based on a true story is never disclosed and you never really are sure if what you are watching ever really happened or just a movie. That is just how real it seems. I concluded that it is a satire on what happens to child stars. What we see is an individual who will do anything to be validated by society. This is compounded by the fact that he is a former child star who has outgrown his audience. When our star overdoes on drugs and ruins his acting career, he loses all that he had. When he tries to make a comeback by landing a late night comedy series, he claims to the media that he is straight but he is quite obviously a flamboyant gay male. He allows the filmmaker to follow him around and document his life with the hopes that will bring about interest in him and thereby makes his new series a hit and he will become a star again. The truth of the mater is that he is still using drugs and frequents gay bars where he has been seem making out with other guys. He also cries for attention. The humor becomes very dark and what was at first comedy becomes tragic. “Crazy Richard” pokes fun at drug abuse and desperation and death.

Richard Viede looks like he can have quite a future in film. He is quite good looking in a very odd sort of way and he gives an admirable performance. His facial expressions are absolutely amazing.

I have read some very negative reviews of this film and I just can’t agree with them. There is a lot to like in the film and it shows a lot of promise. It’s not perfect by any means but it is not the bomb that others claim. There are problems and the editing is a bit uneven but overall I found the movie to be more than satisfying. Personally, I like offbeat humor and satire so quite naturally I am fond of this film. Have aloof and judge for yourself.

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