“Cowboys and Angels”–sweet



Amos Lassen

Filmmakers seem to love coming of age stories. Here is a witty and exhilarating one, “Cowboys and Angels” (TLA Releasing). It is the story of two Irish kids—one straight and one gay—and it covers their ambitions, their loves, and their mess ups with the law. Shane is shy, a civil servant whose goal it is to strike out on his own. Vincent is a gay fashion designer who is looking for a roommate. As their paths cross, they develop a deep and endearing friendship and Vincent strives to pull Shane out of his shell and to make him “fabulous”. Shane, however, becomes involved in running drugs and falls in love with Vincent’s best friend, Gemma.

Even though the lead actor in this film lays a gay male, this is not a gay movie, per se. It is rather a touching and heartwarming story of two men growing up in the heart of Dublin. This movie is above the teen movies available today. The performances are excellent and the plot is like a breath of fresh air on old issues. At times the movie seems a bit too sweet and too cute. Shane is a nerdy twenty year old who has recently moved into Dublin proper from the suburbs. As he searches for a place to live, he runs into Vincent, who had once been his classmate in high school. The two reconnect when they both find themselves looking at the same rental apartment. They decide to move in together and herein begins Shane’s adventure in the big city.

Shane is straight and is quiet and does not know how to dress and Vincent is outgoing and funk and gay. At first, there is tension between the two but their friendship deepens over time and when Vincent takes Shane under his tutelage, a butterfly emerges form the cocoon. He dresses him and trains him and a new Shane comes into being.  Shane falls for Vincent’s friend.

This is a lovely little movie and is beautifully done. The gay element is minor and the emphasis is on growing up. There is not a lot of sex or coarse language. Rather it is a truly beautiful story bout being young and not so carefree. Have a look at “Cowboys and Angels”. It is a pleasure and since it is a small movie, it does not require a lot of thought.

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