“CONFETTI”–a tale of three couples


A Tale of Three Couples

Amos Lassen

“Confetti” is a charming little British film that did not get the attention it was due. I happen to love British humor and documentaries, so “Confetti” won me over right away. However, I should not call it a documentary but a mockumentary or a fictional documentary, to be more correct. I have learned that the script was improvised which makes it all the more fun.

Three couples compete in the “Confetti Magazine” contest for “The Most Original Wedding of the Year”. Matt and Stephen want a wedding in the style of old Hollywood musicals. They dream of maids of honor with gorgeous gams gyrating on their wedding cake. Josef and Isabella want a wedding that resembles Wimbledon; a tennis wedding with a referee to perform the service and ballboys dancing all over. Michael and Joanna are nudists and they want to exchange vows in their birthday suits.

Running the show are the gay wedding planners; fussy people who provide straight marriage counseling, take care of mothers in law, and take care of all of the wedding details.

The movie is not what I would call a gay movie but the humor is most definitely very gay with wonderful one-liners and a good deal of male frontal nudity (although it is not very sexy). The movie deals with heterosexual couples getting married at weddings planned by two wonderful gay men. Here is a cute movie that does little more than entertain but entertainment can be a rare thing these days.

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