“Dancing with Tina”–Terry Oldes tells it like it is

Oldes, Terry. “Dancing with Tina”, 2007.

Telling It Like It Is

Amos Lassen

We have heard so much in the last few years about crystal meth and how it has negatively impacted the gay community. There have been two DVDs about it–“Meth” and “Rock Bottom” and we have heard first hand reports but nothing hits as hard as Terry Oldes’s “Dancing with Tina”. Oldes has written an inspiring memoir of struggles with not only crystal but with sexual identity and co-dependency and if nothing else opens your eyes about the dangers of crystal, this book will.

“Dancing with Tina” is graphic, honest and personal and is straight forward and it disturbs even with the wonderful humor and wit that it contains–but it is also inspirational and compelling. The amount of crystal usage in our community is alarming and we have to thank Oldes for giving us this brutally honest book.

In the introduction we learn that Oldes began writing this book as a way to look at himself and he holds nothing back–he tells us intimate details of his life which in some cases are not at all flattering but it is his honesty that pulls us into his story. It is frightening to learn about the thoughts of an addict and how one man’s addiction can influence the lives of others. What Oldes experienced, I hope will not be experienced by others–the loss of sanity, the time at the bottom, and the waste of a life. Oldes was able to leave that behind him before it was too late and he learned a great deal about the experience.

As I said, Oldes holds nothing back and reading it is to feel what he did but without the consequences. He gave me a look at a world that I do not want to be a part of ad after reading with “Dancing with Tina”; I am firmly convinced that such a thing will never happen. Oldes does not judge nor does he condemn–he offers ideas so that we can make our own decisions. What we have to watch for is that anyone can become an addict and we must remember what the consequences are. Oldes gives us an enlightening look by someone who has been there so that we will not fall into the same trap.

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