“CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC”–pure camp

“Can’t Stop the Music”

Pure Camp

Amos Lassen

“Can’t Stop the Music” is a pseudo-autobiography of The Village People. Jack Morell is a struggling composer who is desperate for fame. What he really needs is someone to sing them. Samantha, his roommate and Ron, a lawyer help him to form a group of six guys from Greenwich Village and the movie captures their rise to fame.

This is not a movie to be taken seriously by any means. There is not much plot, much characterization—not much of anything but the music of The Village People. You don’t have to think or wonder or worry, you just have to sit back and have a good time. When the move came out in 1980 it was not considered as campy as it is today. The whole thing is silly but not offensive in any way.

In this film everyone smiles all of the time. I wonder if they were smiling because either they had nothing to say or that they realized what they had to say was so mundane. The movie is funny for many different reasons but not because it was meant to be so.

I have read reviews condemning the film and to those people I say, “Ease Up”. This movie doesn’t have a thing to say but to take us away from the rough side of life and given us an hour and a half of pure fun. So what if it doesn’t have a message—it doesn’t need to.

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