“BOYSTOWN”–diversity and acceptance


Diversity and Acceptance

Amos Lassen

The Spanish comedy “Boystown” (“Chuecatown”)  shows a great deal of the diversity and acceptance by the people of Spain.

Victor (Pablo Puyol) is a real estate agent in the neighborhood of Chuecha which is in the process of gentrification. He, however, harbors a secret—his apartments only go on the sales market only after he murders the elderly women that live in them and then disguises the deed as suicide. After the deaths, Victor refurbishes the apartments and sells them to gay couples. We learn that Victor’s idea was to transform the area to a “gayborhood”.

Victor chooses his next victim as the one who lives next door to a gay couple, Ray (Carlos Fuentes) and Leo (Pepon Nieto) who are due to inherit the apartment and then want to give it to Ray’s mother, Antonia. Victor, however, only wants gays of high incomes to move in and he begins to plot a way to get Antonia out of the apartment. Enter the inspector Mila and her witless son, Luis who are assigned to investigate the murders and all comedy breaks loose. There are more murders and lots of sex and much, much comedy.

I recently read a review by a Spaniard who saw the film when it was released in Madrid and he disagreed with almost everything I have written here and, hey, that’s what makes the world go around—different strokes for different folks. Of course, living in Spain he had a completely different perspective on what the film shows. I have to agree that many of the jokes are those that only members of the gay community can understand and some of them are quite dated. Some of the other jokes were obviously local to the Spanish population only as they referred to the political system about which, I suspect, many Americans are not familiar.

I enjoyed the movie but it is not great cinema. It is nothing more than fun and that is fine with me.

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