“BOY CRUSH”–seven gay shorts

“Boy Crush”

Seven Gay Shorts

Amos Lassen

Stay on the lookout for a wonderful collection of gay shorts from Wolfe Video. “Boy Crush” contains seven films from Germany, France, Australia, Great Britain and the United States.

“Oedipus N+1” is from France and looks at a young man who wakes to discover that he is a clone who has strange memories from his past which involve another man. His mother becomes very upset and…

“Night Swimming” is a beautiful film which examines a gay punk rocker’s crush on his best friend who is straight. One night when they are alone at a moonlit lake, things take a turn.

From England comes “Summer”, a tale of unrequited love between two young men.

“Out Now” from Germany is a look at a young man who hides his sexuality from the other guys that he knows. He discovers on-line that his friends are not all as straight as they think.

A deaf teenager moves into love with the star of his town’s running team in the British “Running without Sound”.

Australia’s “The Bridge” is a story of separation. An older man remembers his young lover that he had to leave behind because his application for political asylum was denied.

Finally, the American short film, “Hitchcocked” is about hooking up via the internet.

What I love about these compilations such as “Boy Crush” is that they provide for us to see the short films that, unless we are able to get to GLBT film festivals, we would otherwise miss. Gay shorts are an important part of our culture and Wolfe has assembled an excellent package of them,

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