“BEVERLY KILLS”–lots of fun


Lots of Fun

Amos Lassen

“Beverly Kills” (TLA Releasing) is as silly as it can possibly be but it is also a fun movie (with some really nice eye candy). I was prepared for another of those drag queen parodies and I was pleasantly surprised and found my way laughing all the way through. It a “whacked out” comedy with lots going for it.

Beverly Jackson, our hero (?) is a muscle bound cross dresser who has been rehearsing for an audition in a new semi-nude musical “Balls Out” to be presented by the Pride Playhouse.   When he is rejected for a part he decides that he must seek revenge and heads a cult to avenge himself. A subplot concerning Shane, the lighting designer for the playhouse makes things even more interesting, especially when he and his new boyfriend become targets for the diabolical plot. Damion Dietz wrote and directed this excursion into mayhem and I bet he was laughing the entire time. It is silly and absurd, ridiculous and contrived but still a laugh a minute. And hey, there is nothing wrong with silliness, ridicularity and absurdity if you laugh with it as well as at it.

The plot is like a smorgasbord with all different kinds of elements coming into play. Beverly (Gary Kelly) is one ugly drag queen who is well past his prime. As he seeks revenge he gets sidetracked by every possible thing that could happen. There are broken relationships and new relationships, broken dreams and drugs, loneliness and cheating, a male stripper who cannot relax, arrivals to Tinsel town who want to make it big and celebrity look-alikes. Beverly gathers her cabal together and plans a terrorist attack on Hollywood as a way to make a statement about the tarnishing sheen of the silver screen capital. Quite naturally the plan, like Beverly, bombs. At least it goes awry with the help of some of the best looking people that we have seen on DVD in a movie of this nature. These are not great actors but they did not have much to work with. The musical numbers are very smart and clever and the lyrics to the songs are mundane on one hand and hysterical on the other.

If you keep in mind that this is a parody, you will have a great time. If you are looking for great filmmaking this movie is not for you. The movie does not pretend to be any more than what it is—an excessive, jocular silly charade.  If you remember that and watch it with that in mind you will positively enjoy it. There is some fine talent, some pretty faces and a lot of fun.

One review I read just junked the movie—obviously the reviewer had no sense of humor and did not realize what he was watching. The movie is so gay that it screams. Even thought the premise of the movie falls flat, there are some really funny things going on and I can’t pan it. I had a good time. I always liked trashy movies but none can come close to “Sordid Lives”. “Beverly Kills” is trashy and it has something “Sordid Lives” doesn’t—male nudity. I think that what endears “Beverly” is that it never takes itself seriously and when it’s over you just feel good. That does not happen often. I recommend seeing it when you are a bit down—it is just what you need for a quick pick up.

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