“BACK SOON”–looking at love

“Back Soon”

Looking at Love

Amos Lassen

Rob Williams who gave us that wonderful film “Long Term Relationship” has just completed his new movie “Back Soon” and it was worth waiting for. “Back Soon” is a different kind of film than Williams’s first but it is wonderful in its difference. It is a love story and one that you would not expect.

Logan Foster, an aspiring film director, meets Gil Ramirez at a party and despite their different backgrounds they are mysteriously drawn to one another. What makes this all the more interesting is that both guys are straight. The connection is indeed magical but of course there is a twist. There is something in Gil’s past which threatens the relationship they have and suddenly we are let in on a surprise which deals with the question of the real nature of their relationship. Sound mysterious? It had me take a seat, lean back and follow a plot that did not fail to keep me interested—to say the least.

“Back Soon” has to be classified as a romantic comedy and it is indeed romantic and a comedy. Everything about it is good. The cinematography is beautiful, the actors play their parts perfectly, the script is literate and believable and the direction is excellent.

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