“AND, THERE YOU ARE”–dating straights

“And, There You Are”

Dating Straights

Amos Lassen

TLA Video’s  “And, There You Are”, a very funny movie about a gay guy who only dates straight men which in itself is an interesting premise for a movie. This is a comedy and a very funny one at that. Roy Kirkland wears many hats in this movie. He wrote it, composed and sings the title song, directed it, produced it and stars in it. It is easy to say that it is his movie.

Ray Dalton (Kirkland) is a successful businessman. He is a good dresser and drives a Lexus and seems to have everything going for him…everything but love. He just can’t seem to find love. He gets advice from friends, relatives and even his psychiatrist. Nothing seems to work and he continues his search for the one right man. Ray’s problem is that he only dates straight men and they all have girlfriends that get in the way.

“And, There You Are” is comedy all the way and comedy is a difficult art form to maintain but Kirkland keeps us laughing. I learned that the movie is based on actual events and has a wonderful array of characters among who are some very sexy men. We know the age old expression that the grass is always greener somewhere else and Ray Dalton seems to spend a lot of time hopping lawns. It’s a fun and feel good movie.

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