“Amnesia: The James Brighton Enigma”

Just who is He?

Amos Lassen

“Amnesia: The James Brighton Enigma” is a movie based on true events. A young amnesiac awakens in Montreal not knowing anything about himself except that he is gay which turns out to be the central theme of the movie. We do not know what happened to him before he was found naked on the street but we learn that eventually says his name is James Brighton. Then begins a search for his identity which is really interesting because no one has reported him missing. He is taken in by a gay support group who help him to find out who he really is…is he truly James Brighton or has the stolen the identity of someone else. Is he really suffering from amnesia and who is the real James Brighton?

It is a fascinating story in which sensitivity and other philosophical questions about the nature of identity are dealt with. We look at the idea of what happens when a person suddenly loses his identity and the rewards and risks of regaining it and the ways the loss affects relationships with others and with oneself.

There is a great deal about this movie to like and the film successfully puts emphasis on the mystery of James Brighton and how and why he lost his memory and with it his identity. “Amnesia” manages to avoid the clichés and psychological nonsense that usually are found in movies of this sort. The film concentrates on the difficulty of attempting to unravel a mystery like this and thereby hold’s interest. What is missing is successful transition which left me confused and several characters that could have used a little more development. These characters also come and go at breakneck speed so we never really get to know them. Even with that I found the music compelling.

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