“NINE DEAD GAY GUYS”–hard to believe



Hard to Believe

Amos Lassen

If you need to cure that after Christmas slump with a little humor, see “9 Dead Gay Guys” (TLA Releasing), an original comedy of epic proportions and guaranteed to offend. Two “straight” guys from Belfast< Ireland set out on a journey of discovery by taking in the gay scene of London. Their motive is to make a fortune and they are looking for a “gainful affair”. Now this term has a special meaning for them—it means to find good paying tricks who want no penetration.

After the first trick is done in by Kenny, his comrade Jeff is forced to admit that he is not exactly straight and is extremely well hung and that they must find a different way to finance their lives. A virtual roller coaster of events ensues as the guys commence their odyssey to find what they call “bread in bed”. Now “bread in bed” is a huge amount of cash which is rumored to be in the bed of an ultra Orthodox Jew’s bed. But there is a hitch. To get into the bed, one must first pass a test, “the really hard red bull test”. Kenny feels that because of the large size of his penis that he will pass it easily. But there is also au  unforeseen disadvantage—the kiss of death seems to be following the guys in their adventure and tricks seem to dropping dead at the strangest times. The questions that must be asked are not simple ones. Is it possible for the guys to have sex without money? Does love really exist? As the movie twists and turns to a hysterical conclusion perhaps these questions will be answered.

This movie has been called a “saucy dick fest” but it really a breath of fresh air and great humor. The two heroes of the film, if they can be called that, are in actuality closet case. One remarks. “I’m not gay. I don’t take it up the butt” or “I couldn’t shag my mate except if absolutely necessary”.

When they get wrapped in the deaths of their “clients” things get really out of hand. Some of the death scenarios are amazing—heated cattle prods, a fellatio-induced car crash and crushing weight.

I usually love offensive movies and this is no exception. Every minority is given its share of offense in this somewhat confusing trek through London’s gay underworld. The characters in the movie are an incredible lot—a dwarf, an Orthodox Jew, a cab driver with a foreskin problem and so on.

The movie eaves nothing untouched in the realm of bad taste. But as bad as the taste is, the movie does not really offend because the viewer takes in tongue in cheek. It is silly, it is wild and it is a laugh a line. It a romp which makes fun of us, or better said, we allow ourselves to make fun of ourselves.

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