“A SLICE OF TERROR”–the worst


“A Slice of Terror”

The Worst

Amos Lassen

Rarely do I give a bad review but when I do, I hold nothing back. Let me start out by saying that “A Slice of Terror” is a stinker and belongs on everyone’s worst list. Because it is so bad, it is hard to know how to even start to review it. I have actually seen better acting in silent porn movies. Now I love dark comedies but there was no humor here at all. It is poorly written, poorly filmed and non acted.

Supposedly this was meant to be a satire but I doubt that those in charge know the definition of the word. Satire is supposed to be funny and filled with irony. There is no irony, no wit, no sarcasm and a lot of folly and stupidity.

I suppose that there was once some kind of plot here but I have absolutely no idea of what it is.

Do me a favor—forget this movie. I have wasted enough time on it.

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