“A FOUR LETTER WORD”–life’s deep meanings?

“A Four Letter Word”

Life’s Deep Meanings?

Amos Lassen

If you saw “Slutty Summer”, you will undoubtedly remember some of the characters you met—if you did not choose to forget them. One particular character, Luke, was the “typical” gay party guy who was always quick to make sure he “sparkled”. You can then guess where this movie is going and I can assure you that it is very, very, very gay (and somewhat naughty).

From the first few minutes of the film we know where we are going. In the first scene we see a good looking couple kissing and embracing in the shower. We also see a gay men’s nude yoga group and so begins the frontal nudity.

The plot moves along as we go with Luke to his place of work, an adult bookstore. We see him conversing with Zeke, his co-worker, who is a post-gay activist. We then watch Luke in his attempts to get laid. He feels that he must validate his existence with constant sex. Luke finally meets his match when he meets Stephen who describes himself as a total top. (Interesting—the total tops I have met have turned out to be pig bottoms).

At first Stephen dismisses Luke but they later meet anonymously in the back room of a bar and Stephen goes crazy over the way Luke uses his “oral; skill”. Luke replies that it is a hobby of his.

Luke is so smitten with Stephen that he is wiling to try to be monogamous and even joins a group of sexually compulsives. It seems that Luke already knows everyone in the group. It also turns out that Stephen is nothing more than an expensive rent boy.

“A Four Letter Word” is a wonderful commentary on commitment ad how sexual identity can cause loneliness and an over extended adolescence. A very sharp script and a very talented cast make this a delightful movie so when it comes around, make sure you get to see it.

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