“29th and Gay”–for the gay everyman

29th and Gay”

For the Gay Everyman

Amos Lassen

James Sanchez is a gay everyman and the star of the wonderful new comedy, “29th and Gay” (TLA Releasing). The movie tells the story of James, who is soon to be 30 and is not physically well built, is missing some hair and has no other half. He has no regular job but has taken a gig as a tour guide until something breaks in the acting business (yes, he is an actor). He muses over his failed plans to be famous, over the fortune he never made and why he only has $27 in the bank and if his car with 250,000 miles will keep running. But more tan that he asks him the question we have all asked—“Is this all there is?” I think this is what makes the film so much fun—its realism. The plot is nothing new, we have all been there (and if you haven’t been there, you will). I have the feeling that the movie is autobiographical. The writer and star, James Vasquez, shares the same first name with his main character and they both have Hispanic last names.

James is very lucky to have two supportive and loving friends. There is Roxy (Nicole Marks), a straight female and Brandon (David McBean), who is the epitome of gayness. Both of his friends try to get James to go out more, James’s parents also are very supportive (if not overly supportive—especially his mother (Annie Hinton)—she buys him a sling for a birthday gift).

James is always on a quest for a break into acting and for Mr. Right. Via the internet he finds Michael and has a perfect date with him but pines for Andy (Mike Doyle) who is a server at a coffee house. When around Andy, James loses control and becomes sloppy and ill at ease. He feels he can never win someone as perfect as Andy and prepares to make peace with a Mr. Average rather than a Mr. Perfect.

The movie is filed with warmth and humor with something for everyone. The gay audiences will love some of the inside jokes while straight audiences can enjoy the movie for its humor and lightheartedness. The movie concentrates on the struggle of a gay man as he learns about himself and realizes his own worth. To say anymore about the plot would ruin it for those of you who will see and enjoy it. Let me say that as James finds his place in the world, he realizes that life is little more than a journey and it is not a destination. James’s life seems to have stalled at age 29 and is awaiting a signal as to what to do next. Up until now his journey on the road of life has not been very eventful. He is still looking for that perfect life he thought he would already have and he realizes that one never knows what is right for him until it is there in front of him.

“29th and Gay” is a small movie with a lot to say and it is said wonderfully with wit and humor. It is such a special movie because it is about all of us and the journey we all make. Watch James Vasquez. E has made quite a mark with his first film and I have the feeling that we will be hearing more and more about him and do see this film. It is a real treat.

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