“1O ATTITUDES–fun until the end


Fun Until the End

Amos Lassen

In “10 Attitudes” (Culture Q Connection) Josh Stevens finds out that his boyfriend is cheating on him. It is hard for him to believe that after ten years together that his boyfriend would be so obviously unfaithful and it has come time to end the relationship. What worries Josh is the idea of starting all over again. It is hard to go back t the bars after living comfortably for so long. He decides to go back to his hometown, Cleveland but his best friend convinces him that he can easily find a new mate in just 10 dates. Of course, he meets many guys that are wrong for him.

“10Attitudes” is charming and a very funny look at modern relationships and a very funny look at the gay dating scene. In fact, the movie helps you to confirm what you have always thought—that aside from yourself, everyone else in the world is crazy.

When you are forty or older it is hard to start dating again as Josh found out. As hard as it is in Arkansas, the scene in West Hollywood seems to be that much worse. There the dating pool is infested with barracudas and al the guys, in Josh’s eyes, are bitchy. Everyone he meets is an actor or a hustler, or an actor and a druggie, or an actor or a waiter, or an actor/hustler/waiter/druggie combo. These who are not actors are personal trainers. This is dating in the gay ghetto.

Josh is lucky that he has a sense of humor. He is able to toss everything off as a joke or a mistake. However, what began as a very funny movie runs out of steam half way through. It runs as if suddenly ran out of time. The ending falls flat but getting there was a lot of fun.

A question remains after the movie is over—if West Hollywood is so bad for gays, why is it that so many gay guys move there? And why are there are so many movies about it?

I have read some really bad reviews of “10 Attitudes”. I think many who saw it took the movie as a whole and did not look at the fun we had reaching the end. Sure it was contrived and the ending was weak but there was a lot to enjoy. It is no classic and it won’t be remembered but the laughs are great, the acting is fine and all in all, I enjoyed it a lot.

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