“King By Right of Blood and Might”–learning to rule

Walls, Anna. “King by Right of Blood and Might”, Author house, 2008.

Learning to Rule

Amos Lassen

We Americans love royalty but I wonder how we would feel if we had a King instead of a president. Be that as it may. We do love to read about how one becomes royal and here is just the book for that. It is the story of a young prince, Harris, who has to learn how to run his country from others aside from his father. The king, Aidyn, his father, has closed himself off from others and he has been this way since the death of his father and while he was set away, his country suffered. The infrastructure collapsed and citizens were either done away with or taken away. The king knew that he could not teach his son and so he sent him to live with another king in the south and it was there that he learned to build an army and go home to reclaim his country. His biggest task was to hold the country together. As he tried, his mother went mad and the young king fell in love.

Our king faced problems and he must find his way to lead his people and secure his country. This is a tale of medieval characters that are set in the future so I suppose we classify this as fantasy. The author took the story of a king and set in a world where an asteroid nearly erased humanity as it brought about a nuclear winter that killed thousands of people. This story is set in North America in a country known as Pennland under the rule of an inept king, Aidyn, father of Harris who is soon to take the throne. When he does come to power, his country is decimated but he is determined to bring it back to what it once was. He has challenges ahead of him, the chief of which is Kain, an enemy who has convinced all to follow his lead.

This is quite a story and the idea that the price who should have inherited the kingdom but instead had to fight for it is a novel approach. Kain in all of his evil gained control of the kingdom through Harris’s mother, Harris is devout and he will restore his kingdom. And he does just that but I am not letting on how. You should want to read this charming story which is beautifully written.

A word of warning—it takes a while to get into the story but once you do you will not want to stop reading. For a first novel this is amazing and KI cannot recommend it highly enough.

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