“Stuff that Makes a Gay Heart Weap: A Definitive Guide to the Loud and Proud Dislikes of Others”–Hall says it all

Hall, Freeman. “Stuff That Makes a Gay Heart Weep: A Definitive Guide to the Loud & Proud Dislikes of Millions”, Adams Media, 2010.

Hall Says It All

Amos Lassen

All of us have things that irk us and we try to avoid them as much as possible. Freeman Hall goes one step further and puts them all in a book and what I found to be so interesting is that his list is identical to mine and I am willing to bet too many others as well. The big difference is that Freeman Hall is not afraid to say when he feels.

Gay men can be especially irksome especially those who think they are really special and we see that they are not. We all have certain ideals and as a group we may act one way but as an individual it can be exactly the opposite. The one that bothers me is that as a reviewer, I can help a person become more widely read and all I have to do. Aside from giving a five star review, is to introduce someone to the other people who can help them. I have done this more than once and in one specific case I went out of my way only to find myself ignored once the desired fame had been achieved by the writer, he no longer knew me. But let’s look at what Freeman Hall finds irksome (and there is enough to fill a book).

Hall gives us 150 irksome topics and then this is continued on his web page.  Without question you will agree with some of the ones he has listed—“couples who dress alike”, “broken gaydar”, “Richard Simmons”, “Ass Cracks”, “Shoe Violations”, “Getting Caught Wearing the Same Clothes Two Days in a Row”. These should whet your appetite to read more and, if you are like me, you will laugh all the way through the book. There is even a quiz at the end of the book that will tell you how weepy you are.

I laughed all the way through the book but in reality I was laughing at myself. Is the author a bitch?…without question—are you?—You will soon find out. This is one of those books that you cannot help like and even if, at times, it may seem overdone, it is written in the spirit of fun.

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