“Turned Out: Sexual Assault Behind Bars”

Anything Goes

Amos Lassen

Having never been to jail, the majority of us have no idea what happens when someone is locked up and what we do k now, in most cases, is based on hearsay or rumor. We see in this film that anything can happen when someone is confined to a restricted area. We see here that sodomy is quite common in the prison system and while this may shock some, we should not be surprised as men locked up look for some kind of release.

This very easily could have been a sensational look at sex behind bars but it is actually very well done. It also could have been a bit more detailed. What I found to be particularly intersecting was not the sex but the entire idea of subjugation and dominance. We get a bit of a look at what the meaning of the homo”SEXUAL” relationships are and I emphasize the sexual because that is what it is—purely sexual in most cases. There are relationships that include love and tenderness by it seemed to me that the sex was mostly for release and power.

There are several in depth interviews both with men who have been assaulted and then interviews that took place five years after the filming was done. This is also an interview with a female rape victim.

I must mention the one thing that seemed to stand out. Those men who are so homophobic are quick to get into homosexual relationships once they are in prison. This seems to say something about the nature of masculinity but it is difficult to define. On the street these gay are closed minded but behind bars they tend to “open” up all over.

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