“NO WAY OUT”–a powerful film

”No Way Out” (“Walang Kawala”)

A Powerful Film

Amos Lassen

The Philippines makes powerful films but this is one of the most powerful I have ever seen. It deals with the human sex trade in Manila, a town known for prostitution. A young man, Waldo, leaves his village because he has been rejected by the man that he loves and moves to Manila. Another character, Joaquin, is a man trapped in an unhappy marriage and could not show Waldo the love he deserved and it was not until he was gone that Joaquin realized how much he loved him. He too goes to Manila searching for Waldo and he ends up at a male strip club and then at the house of one of the most evil and cruelest characters that we see on film, Rufo, a crooked cop who beats his wife and rapes men while holding a gun on them. Joaquin begins to wonder if Waldo had to endure Rufo and it is here that the film becomes savagely brutal.
The original story by Joel Lamangan and Manny Valera was adapted for the screen by Enrique Ramos. Lamangan also directed this film and although it is a love story between two men but it is actually more about human dignity and respect for love. Nothing is sugarcoated here and the film is filled with food for thought. The film is exciting but it is not easy to watch.

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