“G-d and Gays: Bridging the Gap”


Amos Lassen

I have been following “Gods and Gays” since it was first made in 2006 and I am glad that everyone will now have a chance to see this fascinating documentary. It looks at the religious struggle of the GLBT community when it struggles to reconcile sexuality and spirituality and it does so by talking to real people who have managed to find reconciliation between the two issues. Many of us want a relationship with G-d and with the religion that, in many cases, rejects us because of the way we live. The film looks at the major religions and finds that in almost all of them the feeling of oppression is the same. Yet, we also see that many find that it is G-d that brings them out.

If there is anything that we need, it is to break the silence and have a dialog about our sexuality and religion and thereby be able to put a face on the issue. This is what “God and Gays” tries to do.

We face the questions of what is the gay agenda, is being gay a choice and what does the Bible say? More important is the question as to whether we can be gay and religious or must we choose one over the other. Many of us live these problems every day. No matter what form the struggle takes, the film attempts to look at it.

Now as we face a presidential election in which gay marriage and adoption have become part of the moral controversy of America, we have had several documentaries that attempt to deal with either some of these issues. “G-d and Gays” tries to take them all on and because of this it tends to occasionally lose focus but this does not mean that it is hard to follow. Some of those interviewed in the film include a mother who daughter killed herself, lesbian Christians from the Midwest, progressive church activists and religious leaders. There is a lot of insight provided here and a lot to think about.

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