“EROTIC FORCE”–pretty to look at

“Erotic Force”

Pretty to Look At

Amos Lassen

There is not a whole lot to be said about Greenwood Cooper’s new release, “Erotic Forces” aside from the fact that it is filled with beautiful people. The plot is about a police force that is corrupt where hustlers become the target of an officer’s sexual desires. A sergeant fires officers, one after another, for misconduct and then he becomes the center of the corruption and the main target for an investigation of sex, drugs and missing money. He is soon fired from the force and then returns to the man he once loved.

Starring Chad Clovis, Kevin Cavalli and Brodie Newport, there is a lot of eye candy which has become a trademark of Greenwood-Cooper. The photography is fine, the character development, however, seems something to be desired. Still it is fun to watch even though it is somewhat short.Be warned–there is no frontal nudity.

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