“A Finished Life: The Goodbye and No Regrets Tour”


Amos Lassen

You have probably never seen anything like this film before. It honors the experience of dying and a person’s right to make the decision himself if he is to live or die It also shows the fragility of human relationships and how difficult it is to let go. Gregg Gour at 48 years old has AIDS and is given only six months to live. He stops taking his medication and sets off the road trip which will be his last because he is now ready to end his life on his terms.

Because this film is so powerful it is almost impossible to describe. Gour had been living with AIDS for 24 years and the medication he was taking made him very sick. He realized that the quality of life was no longer there so he decided to stop taking medication and to stop fighting. He gave everything away and bought an RV and traveled across America with his dog, Cody. He was off to say goodbye—he was no longer willing or able to fight and rather than fall to the illness, he was ready now to leave the world. Gour was no superhero and he did not have a lot going for him. He asks his family to grieve with him while he still lives. What an absolutely amazing film that can be watched over and over again.

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