“The Pit and the Pendulum”–homoerotic horror

“The Pit and the Pendulum”

Homoerotic Horror

Amos Lassen

David deCoteau has done a fine job taking the stories of Edgar Allen Poe and bringing them to the screen as homoerotic films. His newest, “The Pit and the Pendulum”, introduces us to seven students who come to a place that was once an asylum to take part in an experiment in hypnosis. The experiment is focused on exploring the elimination of pain and the boy’s hostess, the very sexy JB Divay is the daughter of the now dead Dr. Dimitri who was known for performing very unorthodox experiments on the criminally insane years earlier.

Shortly after the experiment begins strange things begin to happen and people start to disappear and Jason, who is the boys’ leader, has to figure out what is happening. He realizes that both his and his lover’s lives are in danger.

The men in the film are all exceptionally well built and good looking and the film in itself is a bit cheesy but it is fun to watch. DeCoteau is known for getting his actors to show off their bodies (no frontal nudes, however). What this is is a horror film that titillates. It is certainly no great movie but it does have some really good sexy cinematic scenes. It is not a movie that is going to win an Oscar but so what? It’s just fun.

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