“Someone’s Knocking at the Door”–a cult horror film

“Someone’s Knocking at the Door”

A Cult Horror Film

Amos Lassen

“Someone’s Knocking at the Door” defies genre as it tells the story of a group of drug-addicted, sexually deviant medical students who are terrorized by Wilma and John Hopper who are serial killers and rapists. They have returned somehow from the 1970’s and they bring horror with them. There is a lot of gore and depraved sex as well as freaky dream sequences and humor. The murders are totally bizarre and the hallucinations are truly wild. The dialogue is very, very funny against a rock and roll soundtrack.

I found the film to be completely entertaining and there are lots of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Our six medical students come face-to-face with a killer and a man eating female. The film pulls you in at the first shot and it is both stimulating and mortifying. Created in the style of the 1970’s you are taken on a trip that is original and great fun. I saw similarities to the work of Gregg Araki here and the movie is strange but again, fun. I also found hints of John Waters who probably served as an inspiration to director, Chad Ferrin. While it may be hard to watch for some because it punches you in the face, it is a tribute to old fashioned horror films. What is interesting is that there is no way to guess what will happen as you take this trip of sexual deviance and gore.

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