“Eleven Minutes”–Project Jay McCarroll

“Eleven Minutes”

Project Jay McCarroll

Amos Lassen

Here TV recently announced that it has acquired the rights to “Eleven Minutes”, a documentary about Jay McCarroll the first winner of “Project Runway”. The team of Michael Selditch and Rob Tate, co-producers and co-directors looks at his year’s journey while getting ready for his first independent runway show during New York’s fashion week and then we watch the selling of his line to stores. This is no gloss over show but rather an in-depth look and exploration of the creative processes as well as the balance between commerce and art, fame, talent and reality.

It is interesting to look at McCarroll away from the “Project Runway” frame. Instead we see what he goes through on a daily basis. It has been a while since McCarroll was named “the next great American designer” and the goal of this documentary was to look beyond the pretenses of reality TV and focus on McCarroll’s work instead. We see the daily trials of mot only designing a line, putting a fashion show together and then selling the line to stores. Seeing this through McCarroll’s eyes shows us the underbelly of the fashion industry and how McCarroll has a love/hate relationship with it. The view we get is down and dirty and lots of fun.

The three “P’s”—personality, process and perception govern the film. The film is beautiful to watch as it follows eight months of hysteria and chaos. It is a fascinating look at the fashion industry and it exhilarates. McCarroll, himself, is self-aware, frank, incredibly charming and surprisedly well-balanced. He possesses both a nervous vulnerability and youthful arrogance.

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