“Anger Me”–remembering Kenneth Anger

“Anger Me”

Remembering Kenneth Anger

Amos Lassen

Kenneth Anger was an author, an actor, a filmmaker and he made quite an impression on the world. This is a film biography of his early life until the period when he became an author (“Hollywood Babylon”) and an avant-garde filmmaker (“Scorpio Rising”, “Invocation of my Demon Brother”). The film consists of interviews with Anger’s friends and colleagues as well as clips and archival footage of Anger himself and of his films.
There is not really any new information about Anger and his private life is not mentioned. Anger does make some interesting statements but basically the film is almost demure. What the film really does is put Anger on a seat in front of a camera and he talks. I must say that this movie did nothing for me and does nothing for Anger either. A single extended monologue unless it is terribly exciting and filled with dish can be boring and unfortunately that is what this film is.

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