“1313 Nightmare Mansion” with Survivor Judson comes out this month


“1313: Nightmare Mansion”

David DeCoteau returns with an all new homo erotic horror film

Jud Birza, hot off his appearance on the hit TV show Survivor, make his feature length film debut in David DeCoteau’s 1313: Nightmare Mansion (aka A Dream Within A Dream – trailer seen below). Co-starring is horror genre regulars Cody Matthew Blymire (ThanXgiving) and Sara Fletcher (iCrime).

David DeCoteau, known for his homoerotic elements is giving fans exactly what they want. It appears that after introductory sequences, David DeCoteau has managed to keep his cast strictly in their briefs for the remainder of the film’s running time. Combine that with an intriguing plot and 1313: Nightmare Mansion is sure to please fans of the genre director and gay men alike.

In 1313: Nightmare Mansion, a demonic young man lures his high school classmates to a party so that he can sacrifice their souls and bring his dead mother, killed during the Salem witch trials 300 years ago, back to life. The film is currently playing in select Video On Demand markets. 1313: Nightmare Mansion will become available on DVD February 22, 2011.

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