“Straight”–Germany Gives Us a New Film



Germany Gives Us a New Film

Amos Lassen

Breaking Glass Films brings us a new gritty German drama about two bisexual men who form two parts of a love triangle which becomes messy. Nazim (Eralp Uzun) is Turkish, hot and involved in crime. He spends his nights with his friends dealing drugs and looking for sex with women at the city square in the Neukoelln section of Berlin. The square is a popular meeting place of prostitutes and low-lifers. No one has any idea that Nazim has no real interest in women and usually ends up in the arms of a man at nights’ ends. He met David (Florian Sonnefeld) on the street and his macho look and façade began to fall apart. His friends suspect something and begin to wonder what is going on especially because David is from a middle-class Jewish family yet prefers to visit the slums. David pretends to try to score drugs but what he really wants is Nazim. When the two get together for a night of sex, it is quite hot on one hand and tender on the other and there are feelings of guilt. The two men continue to see each other regardless of this and they keep their relationship a secret.

Things get complicated when David brings his girlfriend, Polish-German and Catholic into the relationship. It seems she is revolting against her strict religious upbringing by seeing a Jewish guy, one who is quite pinkish on top of everything else.

There is a lot of sexual energy here and this is the kind of film that is not soon forgotten.

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