“Soundless Wind Chime”–memories and imagination

“Soundless Wind Chime”


Memories and Imagination

Amos Lassen

TLA Releasing’s “Soundless Wind Chime” is the story of Ricky who leaves Hong Kong for Switzerland to find the lost soul and the past of his dead lover, Pascal. He faces a struggle of memories, reality and illusion on his dreamlike journey.
When someone that we love dies, most of us try to find connections to them in different ways. We may speak to them and hope they answer; we may visit places where they were and touch those belongings they left behind; we may get a wind chime that will ring when their souls come back to visit. We are aware that they are dead but it is very difficult to let go and we want to be in touch with them. When Ricky’s wind chime does not ring, he has to accept Pascal’s death no matter how much he misses him.
There is an attempt to blur the boundaries of reality, memories and imagination. There is contrast that shows the distance between Ricky and Pascal. With a soundtrack that is mesmerizing and hypnotic, the movie plays like a dream. It is a soul seeking journey that Ricky needs to take. Director Kit Hung shows us the tumultuous love affair between Ricky, a young Chinese man who is poor and works as a delivery boy and Pascal, a German-Swiss, who supports himself by stealing. The two lovers meet by chance and soon get an apartment together and it is there that they share their passion until the tragedy of Pascal’s death leaves Ricky isolated. His brief flirtation with happiness sends him to Switzerland to find some kind of connection to his dead lover. He cannot escape the ghost of the past.
The film is beautifully photographed and shows us magic in the name of love. Granted the film at times seems to be quite heavy, it is not just a movie, it is an experience.

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