“SALON KITTY”–German sexploitation


German Sexploitation

Amos Lassen

As the Second World War is beginning, SS officer Wallenberg (Helmut Berger) receives orders to find and train the most beautiful women in Germany to work in a brothel. They will be forced to submit to all of the passions of high-ranking men and women of the Third Reich. What they do not know is that Wallenberg secretly records their activities for future blackmailing purposes. When a young prostitute discovers this, the revenge that ensues brings about a period of excess pain, pleasure and perversion. Tinto Brass directed this exotic and erotic foray into the sexual lives of some of the most infamous people in history. Replete with both male and female frontal nudity”and a great deal of it”this film holds nothing back and like the activities it shows, is an excessive look at perverted sexuality. Brass is the same director that gave us the notorious Caligula which was made right after this sensual look at the Nazis. Every bit as outrageous as Caligula, Salon Kitty has you look at the Third Reich completely differently.

Wallenberg is completely ruthless and ambitious to the hilt. He is in every aspect of the word a megalomaniac and ultimately destroys everything. In some ways there is a striking resemblance to Cabaret with musical numbers set in a truly decadent nightclub.

Salon Kitty takes you on a cinematic journey into the trashy and seedy goings-on at the Berlin brothel of Madame Kitty where the prostitutes have been arduously trained by the SS. As intriguing as they may sound, the movie drags because of so much repetition. However, it is a view of the debauchery inside a country while war was raging outside and many lost their lives needlessly.

We get a sense of sex overload as the activity heightens all of the time and girls take on as many partners as possible in single evenings fulfilling the most perverse demands. The barriers of taste are pushed. Even with this the movie is atmospheric to watch and the sets are absolutely amazing.

Even though the movie has a great many flaws, it does have its moments. It is beautifully photograph and you can feel the decadence of the era and almost feel that you are there. These are a great many shots of male sexual organs and this is truly interesting if you consider that the movie was made in 1976. In fact there is so much nudity in the film that you may feel overdressed.

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