“Person of Interest”–a terrible secret

“Person of Interest”

A Terrible Secret

Amos Lassen

“Person of Interest” is a terrific thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Three professional women disappear mysteriously fro a New England town in the short period of eighteen months. Nickie Welles (Elsie Rovinsky) is the sheriff and she has just learned that state budget cuts will cause her to lose her job but this does not stop her from trying to find out what happened to these women. When no leads pan out for her, she, in desperation asks the town psychic, James Hart (Cuyle Carvin), to help her before her job ends. Nickie’s lover, detective Sandra Franks (Julie Bell) feels that James is just a fake and that Nickie has gotten in too deep.

James has his own problems. He is unable to sleep so he admits himself to a hospital and there he meets a nurse who becomes the next disappearance. James thinks that someone is trying to frame him and thinks it might be Sandra. What they eventually find is a terrible secret that almost pushes everyone over the edge.

` I challenge anyone to find out what is happening as they watch this movie. It will keep you guessing all the way through.

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