“The Boy with the Sun in his Eyes”–a sexy/smart comedy

“The Boy With the Sun in His Eyes”

A Sexy/Smart Comedy

Amos Lassen

Todd Verow is one of the pioneers in queer film and his new film is about a guy who is incredibly handsome, John (Tim Swain) and a black actress, Solange (Mahogany Reynolds), who has a following for her really terrible Italian horror films.
John’s life changed drastically when his childhood friend, Kevin (Josh Ubaldi) died. John had accuses Kevin of never explaining the beginning or ending of a story and instead just jumped into the drama. John did not realize that he was about to take a jump into drama. Solange is a B-movie actress and she comes to Kevin’s funeral and within minutes of meeting John offers him a job as production and personal assistant for “The Unknown Tourist Guide”. This is to be a show/magazine that Solange is planning to do in Europe. John quits his regular job in Boston and moves to Paris. Solange is invited to all of the A-list parties yet she is a total bore. John soon realizes that Solange lives a complex life and it is dangerous.
This is not the best of Verow but interesting nevertheless. Character development is slow and all in all the acting is mediocre but it is Todd Verow and that means something.

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