“Over da Rainbow”–homophobia

“Over da Rainbow”


Amos Lassen

“Over da Rainbow” is a short satirical film about homophobia. In hip hop music, homophobia is rampant and legions of fans support it.
Terrier (say “The-ree-ay”) is moving up the charts at rapid speed with his new single “Kill Faggots”. He records for his own label, “homophobic” and his “Kill Faggots comes from his triple platinum label. Even with groups protesting him and is music, it does not seem that he can be stopped. In fact, homophobia seems to be taking over America.
Terrier decides to follow his success with a new record, “Teri Why written by the dead king of hair metal music, Max Lightning. There is a problem that the rights to the song are held by Lightning’s widow, Theresa, a homophobe as well. She places a condition on giving Terrier the right to record it and that is if he can reunite her with her son, Christopher Dalrymple who just happens to be the leader of H.O.M.O.S. (Homosexuals Organizing a Meanfully Outed Society).
As things happen Terrier is forced to confront his own past and Theresa has a few secrets of her own. Loaded with extras (deleted scenes, bloopers, a documentary, and much more) this is a film that you do not want to miss.

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