“Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”–the music scene at night

“Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”

The Music Scene at Night

Amos Lassen

Two people are thrust together for one wild night in New York City and they experience a sleepless world of adventure, of late-night fun and very loud music. Michael Cera is Nick and he is a member of a rock band. He is trying to get over a broken heart. His band where he is the only straight member and plays bass is “Jerk Offs” which is classified as queercore. Nick meets Norah (Kat Dennings) at a show where the band is finishing playing “Screw the Man”. As the two begin their adventure together, Norah questions her assumptions about the world. The two seem to have little in common aside from their love of music but their chance meeting leads them on an all night quest to locate where a band is doing their secret show. They soon realize that they are actually on a first date and involved in some kind of romance that could change their lives. They with Tom and Dev, two gay members of Nick’s band, set out to find the other band. We get a new kind of romantic comedy in which gay people are just people. As Nick and Norah hold hands, they embark on a night that they will never forget.

It is nothing new to see two people make a connection through music and here it is done in a fun manner and as we watch we begin to empathize with the characters and grow to love them. The success of the film is because of the amazing cast, the wonderful screenplay by Lorene Scafaria and the direction by Peter Sollett. The movie succeeds because of these and as a teen comedy it is sweet and gives a balance between Nick and Norah that we do not often see. It is a character driven film and the actors do their jobs with élan. Ari Graynor shines as a ridiculously likeable drunk.

The movie is all about love and if you are not in love, the movie makes you want to be. It also provides laughs and the magic of music. Can we ask for anymore than that?

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