“Loins of Punjab Presnts”–a very funny film

“Loins of Punjab Presents”


A Very Funny Film

Amos Lassen

If you can picture a philanthropist with no scruples, a rapper, a prodigy who is over-protected, an actress who takes chances, a yogi and others all together in the same film then you have an idea what this movie is about. Seven strangers (who are strange) have their lives come together during a singing contest like you have never seen before. Set in a small New Jersey town, we feel the emotional sides of several lives as each tries to win a place in the spotlight. Each contestant has his own reason for being there but during the few days of the contest. We watch as their lives change. The stories are separate but they are interlinked.
Overall the film has no story but it is a madcap comedy and all of the actors are superlative as is the direction by Manish Acharya. Loins of Punjab is the name of a company that 9organizes a reality show about singers called the Desi American Idol of New Jersey and the movie then takes a close look at those that participate in the show and all of the politics that surround it.

The movie is obviously an Indian parody of American Idol and the word “desi’ is a Hindu term for an Indian outside of India. The movie follows the contest which takes place during one weekend in a hotel in a town in New Jersey that has a heavy Indian population. This is an ensemble comedy and it is a riot. The characters are stereotypes and the movie is really quite simple and if there is a problem with it than it is that it is a low budget film.

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