“Focus/Refocus”–an “R” Rated Gay Mystery


An “R” Rated Gay Mystery

Amos Lassen

Many of us heard about the new Raging Stallion release of “Focus/Refocus” but I bet many of you did not know that the movie is being released in a non-porn version by Breaking Glass Pictures. This means, of course, that there is no hardcore gay sex in the film but there is plenty of eye candy and a chance to see porn stars really act. The film is a murder mystery that is plot driven and very much in the style of film noir.
Joe (Cole Streets) is obsessed with porn and he just can’t seem to see enough to the point that when he finds himself involved in a relationship with Eddie (David Taylor), he wants to film their sex life. Eddie shies away from the idea and really doesn’t want to be filmed and as the movie progresses we find out why. However Cole is determined and not only films the two together but goes out looking for other men to capture on film. Joe is surprised when he receives an email with a clip of his favorite porn star, Dario Stefano (Steve Cruz).
Set in San Francisco (where else?) the capital of gay culture and the epitome of gay sex and temptation, the movie looks at the murder of several men who have appeared in videos with Dario. Joe gets sucked into the scene because of the way he worships his porn hero and before you know it, we find that we are also intrigued in the entire business.
I must say that the movie held me captive and not just because of the hot men but because the story is good (even though I more or less had it figured out from the beginning) and it is fun to watch porn stars attempt to make a serious movie. (They succeed, by the way). I suppose if I have to name one problem I had with the film it is that Joe as an unemployed San Franciscan sure had everything–a beautiful apartment, a classy computer and an I-phone, things which I do not think someone can afford without a steady income. Aside from that, I really enjoyed the film and I hope that this new idea of a mainstream version of a porn film is around to say awhile. Tony DiMarco directed ably as he did the hardcore version along with Chris Ward and Ben Leon. One thing we do not get enough of in gay mainstream cinema is films that deal with the underside of life—murder, etc but “Focus/Refocus” may just change that.

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