“Arizona Sky”–first love

“Arizona Sky”

First Love

Amos Lassen

Kyle and Jake were special friends when they were teenagers and even though they wanted to show each other how they really felt for each other, living in a small town did not allow them that option. Finally Jake moved away and Kyle stayed behind but never forgot his best friend or his first love. Now, twenty one years later, each man realizes that his life did not go the way he wanted or planned. Jake moved to the big city but finds himself unhappy in big business. Kyle had planned to go to college but ended up staying home and taking care of his mother, minding the horses and working in a small-time diner. When Jake comes back on a vacation, the two find that their feelings for each other have not changed. It was probably a panic attack that caused Jake to return and when the two men reconnect the spark of their love is reignited. Kyle, however, is in the closet but upon seeing Jake, his feelings come forward. Kyle and Jake spend time reacquainting themselves with each other and with the help of family; they discover how important happiness is. There is a great deal of sweetness here and I am glad to say that director Jeff London has really come far after his last film. I love movies like this that have that touch of romance—they make one feel good all over.

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